Like calling a crew of hungry ranch hands to supper


Our mission at Triangle S Solutions is to provide marketing for small businesses so they thrive and grow while relieving the pressure on founders or business leaders who are trying to do it all.
The driving force behind all of this?

Behind the brand

Thanks for stopping by! I am Stephanie Wilson, the person behind the Triangle S brand. I’m here to help with marketing for small businesses that are making a positive impact in our world because I believe we can do well while doing good.

We have more in common than not, thus Triangle S Solutions is a tip of the hat to the practicality and authenticity of the Old West while also a commitment to balancing sustainability and growth in the New West.

Marketing for small businesses

With 25 years of experience marketing for small businesses I understand how hard it is to market a small business. Budgets are lean therefore results make or break the payroll. It feels like you never have enough time, knowledge, and especially money.

Above all else I can help you cut through the overwhelm to identify what is most important, create a plan, execute, and as a result DO MORE WITH LESS.

Contact us
Stephanie Wilson, Triangle S Solutions, Colorado, Marketing for small business

How can I help you ring the triangle for your brand?

Do you need help marketing your small business or start-up?

Whether it’s supporting your business’s growth by helping you develop a strategy, taking on specific tasks you need to offload, or jumping in for one project at a time most importantly my goal is to lighten your load!

  • Strategy and planning

    Overwhelmed by all there is to do with marketing? Help is on the way to strategize, organize, plan, and implement. Pick either ongoing support or one time marketing mapping.

  • Founder coaching

    Founders do it all, and sometimes you just need a sounding board and some guidance mapping it out. The Triangulating the Marketing Map Founders Program is for you.

  • Budgeting and prioritizing

    So many ways to spend on marketing and not enough money! Let’s prioritize, budget, and plan so you can do more with less.

  • Storytelling

    Every brand has a story, so let’s tell yours. Blogging, email marketing, website copy or other content creation is just a call away.

  • Public and media relations

    Looking for ways to have others help share your brand story? Let’s find the right outlet and consequently get some more folks ringing the triangle.

  • Social media management

    Your teenager can do social media like a pro, but might you need help telling your story in a professional manner?

  • Customer & partnership relationship management

    Loyalty programs, customer retention, and ambassador initiatives, oh my! So many ways to connect with the people who love your brand already, so let’s find what’s best for your brand.

  • Reputation management

    Get more reviews, and good ones, flowing your way. However sometimes you need help finding just the right words for the ones that aren’t as golden.


The herd

Where the team of experts comes in

Most ranchers have a remuda of horses they can rely on to get the job done. Likewise in small business marketing you need a team of collaborators with expertise in all aspects of the marketing. There are some great folks tied into the Triangle S Solutions network so that we can help you get the job done right.

Website Design & SEO
Website Analytics & Tracking
Paid Search & Digital Advertising
Printed Collateral
Photography & Videography

Say howdy



“When we were just getting Town Hall Outdoor Co off the ground, Steph swooped in and knocked our socks off. Her strategic vision, marketing chops and work ethic significantly moved the needle forward for us. She understood her role and navigated the business and landscape beautifully. When we felt handcuffed and didn’t have a clear direction, Steph helped right the ship and keep us moving. Her knowledge and skills in the marketing arena are deep and up-to-date.” — Robin Hall, Co-Founder & CEO Town Hall Outdoor Co.

“In working with Stephanie for more than 10 years, I saw firsthand how well she understands the challenges and opportunities facing small businesses. She has the rare ability to adjust the tone of any communication so it “speaks” to the audience. Stephanie’s people skills equal her top-notch professional abilities. She’s a good listener and a creative problem-solver who can negotiate any situation with humor and tact.” — Carole Shifman, Foundation Executive